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Cattle Barons Ball

Stars of Hope

Let Your Love Shine with a STAR OF HOPE at the 2016 Cattle Baron’s Ball…

On the evening of the Cattle Baron’s Ball, you will have the opportunity to join in a very special tribute. Purchase a STAR OF HOPE in memory or honor of a loved one or friend and help continue the fight against cancer. The Stars of Hope, which are $25.00 each, will be displayed in the Stars of Hope dedication area at the Cattle Baron’s Ball.

This gift commemorates that special person in your life who has either won or lost the fight against cancer, and helps further the American Cancer Society’s vital programs of research, education and service.

Click HERE to download the printable form.

Mail Forms to:
American Cancer Society
Cattle Baron’s Ball
3808 Kemp Blvd. Suite B  #335
Wichita Falls, TX  76308


Purchase Tickets

Thank you to those generous patrons that have already given to Stars Of Hope:

Wilburn & Lee Ann Lear                  In honor of Billie Lear
Bill & Pat Thacker                             In memory of Jan Thacker
Bill & Pat Thacker                             In memory of Ralph Morgan
Doug & Vicki Kunkle                        In memory of Beverly Kunkle
Doug & Vicki Kunkle                        In memory of Chris Hade
Daunne Peters                                   In memory of Barbara Baros Pratka
Wayne & Jill Patterson                   In honor of Tony Brumbalow
Johnson’s Furniture                         In honor of Jeremy Johnson
Stacy Stowe                                       In honor of Andrea Russell
Shawn Butler                                    In honor of Andrea Russell
Dianna Alden                                    In honor of Andrea Russell
Mr. MT Melvin                                  In memory of Grace Bergman
Mrs. Gary Wasem                            In memory of Gary Wasem
Wilburn & Lee Ann Lear                In memory of Wilbur W Lear
Diane Dockery                                  In honor of Adam Dockery
Beth Sweet                                         In memory of John Wood
John & Wendy Presson                  In memory of Mike Cecil
Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Davenport       In honor of Loneta Ogle
Mr. & Mrs. Erwin Davenport       In memory of Frank Gibson
Joselyn Thompson                           In honor of Pearl L. Thompson
Joselyn Thompson                           In memory of Patrick H. Stanford
Harry & Brenda Patterson            In honor of Ed Tigrett
Harry & Brenda Patterson            In honor of Ronnie Ford
Devin & Jennifer Smith                  In memory of Jo Paul Archer
Trent & Debbie Dockstetter           In honor of Owen Clingan
Mary Lou McBroom                        In memory of Bill McBroom
Brian & Angela Stahler                   In honor of Shawn Butler
Brian & Angela Stahler                   In honor of Kristi Milstead
Brian & Angela Stahler                   In honor of Kerry Goldstein
Brian & Angela Stahler                   In memory of Kim French
Brian & Angela Stahler                   In memory of Marilyn Jackson
Karen Bitsche                                    In memory of George F Leinweber Sr.
Mark & Paula Baker and Clint & Regan Nabors    In honor of Wilburn Lear
Mark & Paula Baker and Clint & Regan Nabors    In honor of Alan A Baker
Mark & Paula Baker and Clint & Regan Nabors    In memory of Rozella Decker
Mark & Paula Baker and Clint & Regan Nabors    In memory of Paul Decker
Larry & Chris Rains                           In memory of O.D. McBride
Larry & Chris Rains                           In memory of Lowise McBride
Larry & Chris Rains                           In memory of Jean Rains
Larry & Chris Rains                           In memory of Rose Webb”
Shawn & Gary Butler                      In memory of Nora Byrd
Shawn & Gary Butler                      In memory of Judge Mark Price
Shawn & Gary Butler                      In memory of Tommy Thompson
Shawn & Gary Butler                      In honor of Kristi Milstead
Tola Hursh                                           In memory of Kyle Adams
Tola Hursh                                           In memory of Paul Gribble
Tola Hursh                                           In honor of Brenda Gribble”
Craig & Jennifer Estes                    In memory of Alane Sauder MacGuire
Craig & Jennifer Estes                    In memory of Jean Hedrick Huff”
Oma Anderson                                 In memory of Terry Anderson
Dr. Karin Ayer & Dr. Chris Finnell      In honor of our patients fighting cancer
Lisa & Jim Williamson                      In memory of Jacob Evans Williamson
Tony & Laura Fidelie                        In memory of Guy Fidelie
The John Stafford                            In honor of the John Staffords
Dorothy Ferguson                           In memory of Kenneth Ferguson
Gary Shores                                       In memory of Carol Shores
Gloria Pettetier                                 In memory of Robert “Bob” Pelletier
Carla Perry                                          In memory of Doris Morgan
Gloria Steimel                                    In honor of Joe Steimel
Maria Fuchik                                      In honor of Kathy Fuchik
Maria Fuchik                                      In memory of Israel Ybanez
Maria Fuchik                                      In memory of John Riojas
Ward & Janet Twining                    In honor of Travis Twining
Arnold & Tomi Oliver                      In memory of Marilyn Sue Oliver
Jay & Dawn Armstrong                  In memory of Katherine Diane Copeland
Robert & Connie London              In honor of Robert & Connie London
Kristin & Bruce Harris                      In honor of Andra Smith
Kristin & Bruce Harris                      In honor of Shawn Butler
Kristin & Bruce Harris                      In memory of William “Bill” Harris
Joan Schwartz                                   In memory of Bob Schwartz