Cattle Barons Ball

Benefiting the
Cattle Barons Ball

Our Team

Co-Chair     Stacy & Steven Finley
Co-Chair     Lauren Johnson
ACS Development Manager-Distinguished Events               Amy Carnes
ACS Senior Market Manager- Community Engagement     Regan Nabors
Auction      Melissa & Brad Prigmore
Auction      Tiffany Jones
Benefit Drawing      Dave & Jennie Lilley
Beverages/Bartenders      Katie Britt
Beverages/Bartenders     Brenna Pohlod
Decorations      Cameron & Joey Deal
Decorations      Eric & DeAndra West
Entertainment      Danny Ahern
Games/Midway      Meredith & Brain Crowe
Hospitality Cooridinator      Tanya Gillen
Invitations/Mailing      Amber Reed
Kids Cattle Barons      J.C. & Courtney Goodin
Kids Cattle Barons      Debbie Walton
Kick Off Party      Wendy & John Presson
Marketing/PR      Lindsay Greer
Proof of Performance      Angela Culley
Goodie Bags      Marissa Tucker
Goodie Bags      Whitney Landon
Reservations/Table Sales      Jaclyn Meng
Restricted Gift      Clayton & Elizabeth Henry
Secretary      Gloria Steimel
Site/Logistics      Dana Viavattene
Site/Logistics      Joey Viavattene
Special Drinks      Merill Cain
Special Drinks     Madeline Eubanks
Stars of Hope      Julie & Brady Woolsey
Stewardship      Reagan Foster
Style Show      Linda Melvin
Style Show      Blair Kaiser
Treasurer      Stephanie Taylor
Underwriting      Stacy Finley
Underwriting      Lauren Johnson
Underwriting      Lauren Wuthrich
Underwriting      Sarah Swanson
Volunteer Coordinator      Christina Feldman
Volunteer Coordinator      Melissa Moore